Top Kitchen Design Tips

Top Kitchen Design Tips

We know that quite a few of our clients really value the knowledge and expertise we offer in design.  For many clients who arrive at our showroom they have certain ideas, some practical and some they seek our advise on.  So here are our top three take aways when it comes to good kitchen design.

  1. Function First – Is your kitchen a place where you want to briefly spend time or are you likely to spend more time in this room, this is the first and most important factor we like you to think about in kitchen design.
  2. Storage – How important is storage?  We know that kitchens need to make good use of space and storage is key.
  3. Lighting – how much natural light will your kitchen have and how much will be artificial, this determines the layout significantly.

Of Course there are lots of other factors that influence the style and type of kitchen you are likely to purchase but these are the top three factors, and a great starting point for a Gormley Kitchen.

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